10 Rules to Live Happy Life

10 Rules to Live Happy Life

10 Rules to Live Happy Life

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” 
Abraham Lincoln

Happiness is a choice made by us at each point of life, if you choose to be happy you will feel happiness in your life. It is the state of mind which can be created by certain ways by ourselves. It is an outcome of our emotions and thoughts, by cultivating our thoughts from negative to positive we can change the state of mind ultimately we can achieve the happiness in our life. 
From many scientific studies on psychology it is proven that there are enablers which can bring joy, love, confidence, cheerfulness, positive attitude and suppress anxiety, fear, depression, from our life. 
So here are the 10 golden yet simple rules to live happy life!
Be a morning person:
The most important rule to live the happy life is to become a morning person and follow some morning rituals. These four morning rituals are, first is visualize what you want to do with that, second is to Exercise, third is Meditate and fourth and last is drink ample amount of water. This will make your morning and will help you to achieve more happiness throughout the day.

Learn new skills:
When you try to learn new skill you will explore a lot about yourself, which will develop confidence on yourself. This will help you to be positive many times and at many situations. By learning many skills, you will be the fascinating personality and live life with its fullest, which will become the reason of your happiness.

Reframe your thinking:
As I mentioned earlier happiness is a state of mind, so by reframing your thinking you can made a choice to be happy. At each point of our life we frame the thinking this may be positive or negative, but by reframing the thinking positive every time we can make a choice to be happy. Take an example, if we stuck in traffic, we often feel stress & anger and instead of making trouble to ourselves we can reframe our thinking to use that time wisely to meditate or by calling to our love ones.

Go with the flow:
The main reason for our anger many times is that thing are not go the way we want. Sometimes this disturb our life. So learn to go with the flow, it is okay if thing just not go with we want. This will minimize the anger from our life and convert it into happiness.

Learn to give:
It is found that person who loves happy life have more self-esteem that others. We always receive by giving others we can develop higher self-esteem. This the only reason that rich people donates a lot so that they can find happiness.

Learn to forgive and forget:
Once I asked my mum how to live happy. She gives me bigger stone & ask to move. It was very difficult for me to even walk. I learn from this to live free life we do not need carry baggage with us. Learn to forgiving others and forget the bad stuff to make the way for happiness.

Live in present:
“The past is history, the future is mystery, today is a gift that is why we call it the present!” 
We always live in the past or worried about the future, in between both we ruin our present moment. Start making your present moment will definitely start crafting past better and will help to develop the base for better future.

Learn to say No:
To welcome the happiness in your life we need to learn to say No to many things. We need to learn to say No to people & things which becomes the reason of stress in your life. By allowing negative people & thing in our life we allow stress to ruin our happy life. So by avoiding them we can live happy life.

Be adaptable:
As a human being it is very difficult to adapt the changing world. Adapt to learn and change with the time is way to paint better today. If we fail to adapt the situations will start destroy your inner peace. So learn to adapt is a way to beautiful future.

Be grateful:
Many times we worried about things we don’t own but we forget about what we have. Show to gratitude what you have, learn to be grateful to enjoy every small moment.

So above are the golden principle to live happy life. Following these are will help you to craft your happy life!