7 amazing facts about the Meditation:

7 amazing facts about the Meditation:

7 amazing facts about the Meditation:

Meditation which is derived from Latin word meditatio, which means "to think". So it is a practice in which one can train their mind so as to leads peaceful thoughts and can reduce the stress. Which can be perform by sitting at quiet surrounding, closing the eyes and repeating the mantras. Meditation is often mysterious and strange for many. Here are the 7 amazing facts about the meditation.
1. Improves brain function:
Neuroplasticity is a term which describe that the brain changes its structure throughout the life. MRI revealed that meditation can make the cortex of brain thicker which associates with attention, interoception and sensory processing. Long term meditation increase the mass and density of grey matter which can help for muscle control, sensory perception includes seeing & hearing, memory emotions, speech decision making and self control. 

2. Slow down aging process:
How can sitting still & focusing on breath slowdowns the aging process, perhaps it at cellular level its affects the telomere. Telomere which protects the end caps of DNA which decides the aging of human. Being immortal is impossible but by meditation we can slow down the aging process.

3. Improve the ability of multitask:
In day to day life, Multitask creates messiness in our work, but by meditation we can improve the ability to do the multitask. A study by Washington University shows that meditation improves the ability of multitask. By performing mindfulness mediation which is a one of type of meditation, it is found that it can improve the ability to multitask. The reason is as by the meditation one can easily find the distraction without losing the attention or focus on main task.

4. Reduces the pain:
The Meditation can reduce the pain perception effectively than by the Morphine. The Wake Forest Baptist University found that the meditation can reduce the pain perception intensity by 40% to 57% whereas Morphine reduces it only by 25%.

5. It makes better student:
One scientific study shows that student who practices meditation makes them reduce absences by 25% also lower the rule breaking. It also help student to acquire skills easily and understand more and it could be the reason why many school makes meditation as a part of their syllabus.

6. It reduces racial prejudice:
The meditation can reduce the racial prejudice. By practicing the meditation research shows there is significant reduction in bias score basically it creates more emotions like love & gratitude.

7. Saves money:
Meditation helps you to avoid disease like asthma, depression. Heart disease, high blood pressure and even more it reduces the pain. Meditation is like investment which reduces your costly prescription drugs and helps you to save money. If you wanted to save more then start investing meditation from now.